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Write a Book, Build a Brand is more than just a book, it's a complete framework to get your book sold and land high-ticket clients.  Every brand has a purpose, showcase yours with a book. 

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Are you ready to increase your book sales and land high-ticket clients? 

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Write a Book, Build a Brand

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A 12-week group coaching program with everything you need to scale your business and brand through your book. 

The blueprint to writing a book to build your brand, even if you've never written a book before.

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The Secret Behind Selling Books Online (And why this method is quicker for making a profit and building your brand than by publishing on Amazon)... 
My 8 years of experience broken down on page 37

The Secret Formula to Ensure Profitability (And offset your cost to run ads!) ... The exact formula on page 44

How To Write Your Book in 2 weeks (So You Can Build Your Brand Quickly) even if you've never written a book before...  
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