Social posts optimized for revenue.

With Social Pop you can automate all your social media posting, leaving you free to concentrate on your business while your social media practically takes care of itself.

Social posts optimized for revenue.

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Viewing your social analytics is a breeze with our ROI and marketing funnel interactive charts.

All-in-one Social media management for your business

Schedule months worth of content in minutes and automate the rest!

Social Media Scheduling

Asset Library

Unlimited Post Archive

In a single step, schedule your posts to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, GMB, TikTok, and YouTube!

We've pre-loaded your Asset Library with over a million royalty-free professional photos and graphics. Just enter a keyword and choose your favorite!

We automatically archive all social posts. Search by keyword to find all previous posts around a topic, then open a copy of it to edit and publish again.

Schedule posts in advance and automate reposts on a marketing calendar that optimizes your optimal posting times.

Launch campaigns with already made no-code templates! 

Track influencers to find the ones bringing you the most traffic and sign-ups. 

Don't Blend In. Stand Out with Social Pop!

Social posts optimized for revenue.

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Social Pop has some seriously cool features that our competitors just don't!

Automatically shortens and tracks up to 5 links per social post. Each shortened link passes detailed post information to your analytics provider.

Link Shortening

Change Link

Accidentally shared the wrong link? Simply edit the link in the Sent folder and it will be fixed, even if it's been retweeted!

Custom Post Per Network

Write a single post, then make edits for each network. That way your tweet has hashtags and each network has an appropriate call-to-action. 

Your videos will auto-play in the news feeds thanks to our direct upload feature. You can even upload to your YouTube channel and post to all social networks in one step!

Direct Video Uploads

Social CRM

As visitors engage with your share buttons and social campaigns, you are adding to your marketing database. View detailed social engagement and referral stats plus an activity feed with social, campaign and website actions. New contacts are automatically added to your CRM and email platforms.

Share Buttons

Create unlimited awesome social share buttons for your pages and content. Identify your influencers and export a list.

Use our templates to create mobile-responsive landing pages in minutes even if you don't know how to code. Drag-and-drop form builder allows you to capture contact info and automatically add it to your CRM or email software provider or use our built-in email autoresponder. 

Unlimited Landing Pages

Unlimited Popups & Sticky-tab Widgets

All of our landing pages, sweepstakes and contests are available as popups & sticky-tabs. This includes on-exit e-newsletter signup popups, testimonial slide-ins, 'click-to-reveal' coupon popups, etc.

Email Autoresponders

Send personalized emails to anyone who submits to your landing pages and campaigns. Add personalized fields and file attachments with ease. Emails can be triggered at signup, when you approve their entries, or when it's time to vote on contest entries.

You come up with a theme and your customers will come up with creative product-use stories that acquire and convert new customers.

Essay Contests

Video Contests

Create your own moderated video sharing app on your website or Facebook fan page. Choose a theme that interests your target audience.

Photo Contests

Create your own moderated photo sharing app on your website or facebook fan page. Choose a theme that is of interest to your target audience.

Generate more referrals than any other campaign type by offering a one-time or recurring drawing for a great prize in exchange for promoting your brand.

Referral Sweepstakes


Just a special offer and a big call-to-action button. No forms to fill out. Either reveal a hidden coupon code or take visitors to your purchase page. How about a popup coupon?

Video Testimonials

What's more powerful than real customers telling their social network and your website visitors about what it's going to be like to own your product?

Once you approve photos, videos or text submitted by customers, you can have it automatically post to the social networks you specify. 

Auto-syndicate UGC to Social

A/B Split Testing

Split test up to 5 of your campaigns at a time to test different offers and designs. We keep track for you so you can select a winner and stop displaying the losing campaigns without redeploying anything.

Publishing Approval Workflow

Issue user accounts to team members and hold their posts until you approve them.

Create social posts and campaigns in seconds! Use your company info to personalize all your content so it's tailored for your industry and goals.

AI Writer

RSS Feed Automated Posting

Automatically publish new blog posts and even YouTube videos using our RSS feed integration! You'll never have to waste time hunting for content again.

Optimize Send Times Per Network

We have the most advanced send time optimizer on the planet. Optimize based on when you are most likely to earn a click, lead, sale or any of your custom website actions. All done on a per-network basis.

Social Pop: Your complete social media marketing tool

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