The Brief

Before undergoing a complete re-brand, ReNursing Edu had a basic Wix site that didn't provide a clear message to visitors to the site. Due to being on the Wix platform, the Google Analytics were poor for a site age of 7+ years with a high bounce rate. ReNursing Edu had two distinct audience personas to cater to and before re-branding, they didn't know how to present a clear message on their website leading to a high bounce rate. 

Our approach

The project began with a complete re-brand, employing our Brand Strategy Rx™ methodology. We established both internal and external branding for ReNursing Edu including determining the brand audience, values, tagline, color palette, brand story (script) and new website and logo.

Once proper branding was in place, we set out to build the website framework that would cater to both main audience personas .  The home page was designed to be like a "landing" page of sorts that gives visitors the option of how to navigate the site. The website is responsive to capture the majority of visitors who visit ReNursing Edu on their mobile devices. 

The Result

Within 3 months of launching their new site, website views have increased by 51% and the bounce rate was decreased by 15%. ReNursing Edu's new website has increased the volume of contact from other businesses' looking to partner with ReNursing Edu and more sales in the ReNursing Edu shop and on Amazon. 

Without any additional marketing, the ReNursing Edu rebrand has proven beneficial to getting more leads and business through sales and contact from potential partnerships. 

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