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Attention nonfiction authors & Entrepreneurs:

You've already done the hard work of starting your business and proving demand for what you offer, but are you able to easily lead people into your high-ticket program? 

Script Your Brand ™  is a group coaching program where we: 

Hone in on your superpower and find your Brand Script™ to create your book 

Develop ancillary products for your book to increase profit

Create and build a sales funnel for your book

Launch your book funnel with the most up to date strategies

You'll be in an exclusive group with other high caliber authors and entrepreneurs who want to write a book to build their brand by leading people into their high-ticket offers. 

You'll be on an accelerated 12-week path, with weekly coaching calls and hands on support. 

We'll personally review your work (copy, sales page, emails, Brand Script™, etc) and give you feedback on everything from your book idea, high-ticket offer idea, marketing, and ads so you'll know with confidence that your book funnel is ready to launch! 

With our help, you'll: 

Write and produce your 100% unique book (so that your readers become high-ticket clients)

Discover how to show off your superpower within your Brand Script (and how to write your book, so that readers will want to learn more from you)

Design and execute a completely customized book funnel launch that leverages your strengths and strongest platform. 

Write your book and develop corresponding products, launch the funnel, then automate sales. No more excuses. Your book needs to be out in the world changing lives! 


Please click the button below to apply for the Script Your Brand coaching program with Nachole: 


You'll come out of this experience with a piece of intellectual property worth millions over the course of your business.

Script Your Brand™ is unlike any other program you've experienced before.

We provide fill-in-the blank templates for your sales page, graphics, emails - everything, it's all in here. The tools, templates, and strategies in the program will save you hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars in wasted time and money

We combine a self-paced training and plug-and-play templates with an unparalleled level of support through coaching calls, personal feedback on your work and milestone celebrations. You'll be surrounded by other entrepreneurs in our exclusive Facebook community which helps you move through the program that much faster. 

The end result is that you'll have everything you need to create a book and funnel that leads people into your high-ticket program and allows you to bring more financial stability to your business and brand. 

Learn more about Script YOur Brand™ With the mini-podcast series

Here's What You'll Learn: 

Why Publishing on Amazon Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be

The Book Writing Process 

What it Means to Become an Author

...and much more! 

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Apply for Script Your Brand™ Now!

We are so excited to see if you're a good fit for us to work with you on your book, ancillary products, funnel and launch! Please take a moment to briefly fill out the form below so we can learn more about you and see how we can help you write a book that leads to your high-ticket program. Please make sure to give as much explanation as possible to the answers. This is your chance to shine and let us know if you'd be a good fit for the Script Your Brand program.