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Grow your business with YouTube

helping coaches, consultants, & Experts 

Craft a signature brand that attracts more leads & Clients

Craft a signature brand that attracts more leads & Clients

Helping Coaches, consultants, & Experts

Elevate Their brand authority

Want an organic marketing strategy that attracts high-quality leads 24/7? 

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We help entrepreneurs amplify their influence with consistent online visibility through YouTube video management & repurposing

You know the deal. You create an endless amount of content to help build your brand and make a living. But the reality is that content creation takes time & if you're not careful, it can take all your time. You're stressed and overwhelmed by the content creation wheel wondering how you're going to keep up with everything business entails.

You don’t have a marketing problem,
you have a 


- Nachole Johnson





The best content marketing strategy to us is...


Say goodbye to the content creation wheel... 

There's a better way to get more leads and sales that doesn't involve endless content creation or expensive ads...

...and it only involves creating 4 YouTube videos a month!

Imagine recording 4 YouTube videos per month and getting over 70 pieces of content to share on your social media channels! At Studio 8 Twenty-Two we provide YouTube video editing, channel management & custom designed videos, blogs, & graphics formatted for various social media platforms. 

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Are you ready to get more viral visibility for your business?  

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Amplify Your Brand

YouTube Video Post-Production & Content Repurposing

We help you create, manage, & repurpose your video content across social media platforms for the ultimate online visibility. 

A course for online entrepreneurs who want to expand their brand through authorship & YouTube.

A note from Nachole Johnson, CEO

Hi! I'm Nachole!

I'm a business coach, brand strategist and author of over 30 titles.

I'm a nurse practitioner by trade who wanted MORE from life who decided to pursue entrepreneurship full-time. I've helped nurses start their own business through ReNursing Edu since my first book was published in 2013.

Learning how to market my business was hard. Through the years, I've tested, tweaked, and pivoted my business to find the best way to essentially "clone" myself to increase my online visibility. I took a lot of risks, spent a lot of money, and eventually landed on marketing myself thorough video and repurposing that video content across platforms. 

I want to share my secrets of being being more visible in the online space including using books, repurposing, and video.  

I know how using video can build your brand and I want to share my knowledge with you so you can create security within your brand and  business by getting more organic leads and sales. 

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