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Struggling to sell your books & create security within your business & brand?

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We teach non-fiction authors & entrepreneurs how to write a book to build their brand to sell their high-ticket programs

You know the deal. You wrote a book to help build your brand and make a living. But the reality is that the royalties suck and you're not getting the brand recognition you need for people to join your high-ticket program. You're stressed and overwhelmed wondering if you'll need to give up on your dream and get a "real job."



The best book marketing strategy to us is...


Say goodbye to pithy royalties... 

There's a new way to get more book sales that lead to converting high-ticket offers and it doesn't involve Amazon...

...and I wrote all about it in my book,
Write a Book, Build a Brand.

The book was written for entrepreneurs like you who took the step to write a book for brand exposure and more leads. It gives you my exact strategy for converting book customers into high-ticket clients. 

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Are you ready to increase your book sales and land high-ticket clients? 

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Write a Book, Build a Brand

Script Your Brand ™

A group coaching experience with everything you need to scale your business and brand with your book. 

The blueprint to writing a book to build your brand, even if you've never written a book before. Includes 5 bonuses with purchase. 

A note from Nachole Johnson, CEO

Known as The Self-Publishing Queen, Nachole is not only a nurse practitioner, entrepreneur, and brand strategist but also an author of over 30 titles.

At its core, the book you've written and put out into the world is meant to lead your ideal customer to your high-ticket program through an awareness bridge.

It's through this bridge that they not only get to understand the problem they're having, but also how you're going to help them solve their problem.  

In short, if done right, the right book and selling the book through a strategic funnel can create raving fans for your business while scaling it quickly.

I started my journey into entrepreneurship in 2013 after I published my first book and realized that clinical work wasn't for me. Since that first book my business grew – I landed free promotion, and even had a tech company approach me to create apps out of some of my books! 

I know how writing a book can build your brand and I want to share my knowledge with you so you can create security within your brand and  business. 

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writing a book for your high-ticket offer

Here's What You'll Learn: 

The top 3  mistakes EVERYONE makes when it comes to landing high-ticket clients 

My 3 step framework to write a book that attracts high-ticket clients

The SECRET to building a brand quickly with a book...hint, it has nothing to do with Amazon

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