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Enlist A Fractional Executive Who Bridges Creative Direction With Digital Content Marketing

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Meet Nachole Johnson
Fractional Content Marketing Manager

Nachole is a content strategist who uniquely blends clinical insight with digital marketing expertise, owing to her extensive background as a nurse practitioner. Throughout her career, she has cultivated a brand voice that consistently resonates across multiple marketing platforms.

At her core, she specializes in driving growth through optimized content, from SEO to lifecycle marketing. Her narratives don't just engage; they perform, ranking high on search engines by adhering to best SEO practices.

She possesses a deep passion for producing educational, research-driven content. By collaborating closely with medical professionals and experts, she ensures that everything she oversees is both accurate and visually compelling.

One of Nachole's primary strengths is her ability to craft distinct brand narratives effortlessly, translating complex information into compelling stories. She places immense value on maintaining consistency in brand voice, tone, and style, ensuring a unified content experience across all touchpoints.

In a rapidly changing content landscape, Nachole prioritizes staying updated with industry trends and research. In all she undertakes, her primary goal is to deliver clarity, empowerment, and genuine engagement.

Define and oversee the execution of a comprehensive content strategy aligned with the company's goals, ensuring consistent brand messaging across all platforms.

Strategic Content planning

Seo optimization

Ensure all content is crafted with best SEO practices in mind, enhancing visibility, driving organic traffic, and boosting the company's online presence.

What a fractional  Content Marketing Manager can do for your business

Lead the conceptualization, creation, and publication of engaging, high-quality content across various mediums, from blogs and whitepapers to videos and infographics.

Content creation

Understand and cater to the target audience's preferences and pain points, crafting content that resonates, educates, and engages.

Uphold and evolve the company's brand voice, ensuring uniformity across all content touchpoints while adapting to changing brand needs and market trends.

audience engagement

Brand Voice & Consistency

Monitor content performance using analytics tools, deriving insights to refine strategies, and ensuring content objectives are consistently met.

Analytics & Reporting

Work closely with cross-functional teams—including design, sales, and product departments—to produce cohesive and goal-oriented content, ensuring alignment with broader company initiatives.


Content Calendar Management

Organize and maintain a dynamic content calendar, ensuring timely production, scheduling, and distribution of content pieces.

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“Nachole was one of my go-to nurse writers for the majority of my tenure as editor-in-chief of Minority Nurse. She always wrote compelling content and submitted everything on deadline for both the magazine and the blog—some of which were our most popular stories—and she was never afraid to cover something controversial if it was important to the nursing profession. Any editor would be lucky to have her on their editorial team!” 

- Megan Larken, Publisher Wolters Kluwer


"I have worked with Nachole on a number of clinical writing projects. Her writing is top-notch, and she is a diligent and thorough researcher. In addition, she interacts with clients professionally and handles complex requests without breaking a sweat. She's been a great freelancer to work with."

- Emily Main, Editor True North Custom


“Nachole is the best! She helped me with my branding for my business and had wonderful tips and ideas so that I can improve my exposure on social media. She is a wealth of information and I would trust her with any business branding help.” 

- Dr. Heather Quaile, Founder & CEO The SHOW Center


Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue 

Relationships are built on trust.

- Andrew Davis

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