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There are critical elements that are needed to create a sales page that converts your visitors into customers. Design is important, but just as important are the elements that turn a bunch of organized copy into a journey for your visitors. I’ll be diving into the 10 most important elements to include in your next […]

Anatomy of A Killer Sales Page: 10 Elements You Must Have

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Whether you’re having someone design your site for you or you’re doing it yourself, here are 8 critical aspects to check before your site launch date.

8 Critical Things to Check Before A Website Launch

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This year has thrown us so many unexpected loops and hurdles just to stay safe and make a decent living. My New Years’ resolutions for 2020 have gone out the window, down the river, and out into the ocean. Even though 2020 hasn’t been what I expected going into it, it has had some unexpected […]

How Going Full-Time in Business Has Positively Affected My Relationship With My Daughter

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Before becoming a Showit website designer, I was a nurse practitioner (I actually am still licensed, but rarely work in the clinic anymore) in a busy occupational health clinic.  I’ve been a nurse for 19 years, so it’s kinda hard to say I’m not a nurse anymore even though I still have a nursing education […]

How I Made the Switch From Nursing to Web Design