Here's just a small sample of content I have created over the years. 

Video Creative Direction

Home Health Agency (ghostwritten): Defensive Driving in Homecare & Hospice 

A video teaser for a Christian non-profit

A video teaser for an educational consulting business 

Course Curriculum

White papers, ebooks, Brochure & web copy

Major Medical Center (ghostwritten):  FAQ for cancer treatment brochure

Feature Articles

Minority Nurse Feature Article:  Surviving Your First Year as a Nurse

Minority Nurse Feature Article:  Why Good Nurses Leave the Profession

Major Medical Center (ghostwritten): Weight Loss Care Path (for providers & EMR) 

Brand Strategy

Meet Nachole Johnson
Fractional Content Marketing Manager

Nachole is a content strategist who uniquely blends clinical insight with digital marketing expertise, owing to her extensive background as a nurse practitioner. Throughout her career, she has cultivated a brand voice that consistently resonates across multiple marketing platforms.

At her core, she specializes in driving growth through optimized content, from SEO to lifecycle marketing. Her narratives don't just engage; they perform, ranking high on search engines by adhering to best SEO practices.

She possesses a deep passion for producing educational, research-driven content. By collaborating closely with medical professionals and experts, she ensures that everything she oversees is both accurate and visually compelling.

One of Nachole's primary strengths is her ability to craft distinct brand narratives effortlessly, translating complex information into compelling stories. She places immense value on maintaining consistency in brand voice, tone, and style, ensuring a unified content experience across all touchpoints.

In a rapidly changing content landscape, Nachole prioritizes staying updated with industry trends and research. In all she undertakes, her primary goal is to deliver clarity, empowerment, and genuine engagement.

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