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How to Tell if Your Business Brand Strategy Isn’t Working

As a branding agency that focuses on Home Care Provider businesses, we know what to look for when assessing brand health.

Here are four ways to determine if your business could use a new brand strategy: 

Brand awareness – This is how familiar your customers are with the visual or qualities your brand possess. Healthy brands have high brand awareness with positive buzz (reviews, tweets, ect). Monitor your internet presence to get an estimate of how many people interact with your brand. If you have little to no internet presence or a poor reputation, it’s time to consider a new brand strategy. 

Brand positioning – The brand you built 10 years ago may have seen a decline due to shifting markets and a new competitive landscape (global pandemic, anyone?). It’s common for brand health to decline due to outdated brand positioning and most brands need to revisit their positioning every few years to make sure their message is meeting the market and differentiating them from the competition. 

Brand consistency – This goes beyond using the same color palette on all of your marketing materials. It can also include consistency in responses to customer reviews and the overall tone of your brand voice. Lack of consistency decreases brand trust, leads to a poor customer experience and declines customer loyalty. 

Look at this list to see if your brand is inconsistent. 

  • Your marketing is written in a formal tone, but when someone emails with a question, they receive a very playful and casual tone.
  • Your website copy (font color, size, type, tone of voice) and design are inconsistent from page to page. 
  • You don’t have a clear brand style guide to follow, meaning your brand style has variations when it comes to creating new marketing materials. 

Employee engagement – This can be a touchy subject and the hardest aspect of brand health to gauge. How passionate are your employees about their job? As leadership, are you inspiring your employees so they are committed to your organization and their job? High employee engagement can result in a higher ROI, a better work culture and more efficient organization overall. 

So how does your organization measure up? Could you use a little help in any of the four categories? 

Our agency just so happens to specialize in brand and reputation management for the Home Care Providers, so we can most definitely help you with the first 3 aspects of your brand strategy. 

If you’re interested in learning about options for brand and reputation management for your Home Care Provider business, schedule a call with us so we can discuss your needs. 

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