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What Are The Best Times to Post on Social Media in 2024?

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Factors to Consider for Optimizing Social Media Posting Times

When trying to figure out the best times to post on social media, business owners need to consider several key factors in order to optimize reach and engagement levels. One crucial aspect to keep in mind are the peak times when your followers and target audiences are most active online. By understanding the behaviors of your user base, you can schedule posts during periods with the highest likelihood of engagement.

Another factor to consider is the social media platform you are using, as each platform may have different times that yield better results. For instance, LinkedIn posts may perform well during midweek mornings, while YouTube videos might gain traction in the afternoon. It’s essential to tailor your posting schedule to align with the unique characteristics of each platform and its users.

Analyzing the performance of your past social media posts can serve as a valuable starting point for determining the best times to post. Look for patterns in total engagements and identify times when your content has historically generated the most engagement.

Additionally, keep an eye on your competitors’ posting habits and when they tend to receive high engagement levels. This can offer insights into specific times that work well within your industry or niche. Leveraging social media management tools can also help in identifying optimal posting times by providing data-driven recommendations based on social media usage trends.

Ultimately, the right time to post on social media may vary for each business and depend on factors such as customer experience, brand awareness, and marketing efforts. Experimenting with different factors like time slots and days of the week can help you pinpoint the best times for your social profiles to drive higher engagement and increase visibility among your audience in 2024.

Understanding Social Media Usage Worldwide

To get the most out of your social posts, we first need to understand the current use of social media.

What percentage of the world’s population uses social media?

As of the latest data available, over half of the global population uses social media. This means that more than 4 billion people around the world are actively engaging on various social platforms. With the continuous growth of internet accessibility and smartphone usage, the number of social media users is expected to rise further in the coming years.

This widespread adoption of social media has made it a key channel for communication, entertainment, and information dissemination on a global scale.

Although not technically a social media platform, YouTube is the go-to for everyone looking to learn something or share interesting videos. 

This means, if you’re not posting on social media for more reach, you need to be! 

Daily Social Media Consumption Habits: A Revealing Study

How much time does the average person spend on social media platforms each day?

The average person spends a considerable amount of time on social media platforms each day. In 2024, with the prevalence of smartphones and high-speed internet access, individuals are more connected than ever before.

According to recent studies, the social media usage has been steadily increasing over the past few years. On average, people spend around 2 to 3 hours daily on various social networks. This time is often spread throughout the day, with peak times in the early morning, midday, and evening.

This increased daily engagement with social media can be attributed to a variety of factors. The user base of these platforms continues to grow, with monthly active users reaching new heights.

Additionally, businesses have recognized the importance of social media in expanding their brand awareness and reaching target audiences effectively.

Individuals check their social profiles multiple times a day, engaging with content from friends, family, and the brands they follow. The customer experience has become more personalized, with platforms using algorithms to show users content that aligns with their interests. This personalized approach leads to higher engagement levels and total engagements across different social media posts.

The average person now dedicates a significant portion of their day to various social media platforms, showcasing the integral role these networks play in daily life.

Optimal Posting Times for Top Social Media Platforms in 2024

So with all this information, what are the optimal posting times for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest in 2024?

When it comes to maximizing engagement on social media platforms in 2024, knowing the best times to post can make a significant difference in the performance of your content. By strategically scheduling your posts during peak optimal times, you can increase visibility, reach, and interactions with your target audience.


For Facebook, the best days to post are typically weekday mornings and early afternoons when users are most active. The worst day to post on Facebook is Sunday. Aim to schedule your content during general business hours for higher engagement and better visibility among your followers. Posting during these times can help boost your brand awareness and increase the number of engagements on your posts.


Instagram users are most active during early evenings, making it an ideal time to share visually appealing content. The worst days to post on Instagram are Saturday and Sunday when people aren’t as active. Posting during this time frame can result in more likes, comments, and shares, ultimately leading to a higher level of overall engagements. Additionally, leveraging social media management tools can help you schedule posts at the right time for maximum impact.

Twitter (or X)

On Twitter, posting during weekdays, especially in the afternoons, tends to yield the best results in terms of user engagement. Analyze your audience’s behavior and you can determine the most effective times to schedule your tweets for optimal reach and interactions.


YouTube, being a video-centric platform, sees peak engagement during different times compared to other social networks. Posting your video content during early mornings or late evenings can help attract more views and interactions from your subscribers and viewers, ultimately boosting the reach of your videos.

The worst days to post on YouTube? 

Once again, the weekend sees lower engagement than videos posted during the week.


For LinkedIn, weekday mornings are considered the best time to share professional updates and industry insights with your network. Afternoon posts don’t work the best for this platform. Posting during business hours can help you connect with other professionals, expand your reach, and drive meaningful conversations within your community.


Lastly, Pinterest users are often most active in the evenings, making it an ideal time to showcase your products and content. By scheduling your pins during the evenings, you can increase visibility, drive traffic to your website, and enhance the overall customer experience with your brand. I can attest posting on Pinterest in the evenings has given me a boost in impressions. 

Understanding the specific times when your target audiences are most active on each platform is key to optimizing your social media marketing efforts in 2024. By scheduling your content with the best times to post on each platform and leveraging insights from past posts, you can effectively increase engagement, reach, and interactions across all your social channels. 

Adapting Social Media Strategies for The Best Times to Post 

Entrepreneurs can adapt their social media strategy according to variations in optimal posting times by closely monitoring the performance of their posts across different timeframes and days. A starting point could be identifying the specific times when their target audiences are most active on various platforms.

Using social media management tools can help in analyzing data to determine the best times to post. Social Pop makes it easy to figure out the best times to post with built-in detailed analytics drawing from real-time data.

Keep an Eye on Your Social Media Analytics

By understanding when your followers are online, you can create a more effective schedule that maximizes visibility and engagement. It’s essential to consider factors such as the user base demographics, social media usage patterns, and the time frames that typically yield higher engagement. For example, posting during midweek mornings or early afternoons might result in more interactions based on past engagement data.

Check Out Your Competition

Additionally, keeping an eye on competitors’ posting habits can offer valuable insights into when audiences are most active. Experimenting with posting at different times, especially outside of general business hours, can help in discovering new opportunities for reaching a wider audience. Entreprenurs should also assess the analytics of their posts over time and adjust their strategies accordingly to improve brand awareness and customer experience. 

Looking at trends from the past year is great if you have that data, but if not looking at a smaller timeframe such as 3-6 months is enough to get solid data. 

Incorporating the best practices learned from analyzing post analytics and staying updated on changes in social media algorithms can guide marketers in determining the right time to schedule posts for maximum impact. Adapting to variations in optimal posting times is a continuous process that requires flexibility and the willingness to experiment with different posting strategies to drive higher engagement and ultimately enhance the overall success of their social media marketing efforts.

The Significance of Posting Time for Business Growth on Social Media

Posting on social media at the right time is crucial to maximize your online presence and engagement with your target audience. By understanding the peak times and best days to post, you can ensure that your content reaches the highest number of followers and potential customers. Strategic timing can lead to increased visibility, reach and ultimately, improved reach of your marketing efforts on platforms like YouTube or LinkedIn.

Different factors come into play when determining the optimal posting schedule. Factors such as the user base’s behavior, social media usage trends, and the specific times when the target audiences are most active online should all be considered. For example, posting during weekdays within general business hours might be more effective for B2B companies targeting professionals, while consumer-focused companies might see higher engagement on weekends or evenings when people have more free time to browse social media.

Using social media management tools can help you track your best performing posts, including the total engagements and when their posts received the most interaction. Analyzing this data can provide a starting point for creating a more effective posting schedule. 

Next Steps

Social media is quickly becoming a hub of activity, attracting brands of every size who want to make a significant impact on their traffic.

Now is the perfect opportunity for you to tap into the immense power of social media engagement.

However, it’s important to remember that simply posting content isn’t a magical solution. It’s just the first step in capturing the attention of your audience. From there, the fate of your success lies in the quality of the content you provide.

To determine the best times to post on social media and effectively reach your target audience, utilize our study and the helpful tips we’ve provided.

Keep in mind that finding your optimal posting times is an ongoing process. As your profile and audience grow, their preferences may change. It’s essential to continuously monitor and adjust your posting schedule to stay ahead of the game.

That’s why we highly recommend using Social Pop to schedule your social media posts.

Worried about the best times to post? Social Pop is the best way to make sure your posts are scheduled at the best time with our advanced analytics that automatically track the best time slots for your social posts. Manage your own accounts using Social Pop and all the features it offers.

Don’t just take our word for it – experience it for yourself. Begin your 14-day free trial today and see the incredible impact it can have on your social media presence! 

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