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You Need This ChatGPT Prompt…

If you run a business, you need this ChatGPT prompt.

In any business, there comes a time when you need more help.

Prior to the introduction of ChatGPT in November 2022, you had to complete many business tasks yourself or pay someone else to do them.

By now, we know the power of using ChatGPT to brainstorm business ideas. But have you really maximized your use of ChatGPT for your business?

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What You Can Use ChatGPT for in Your Business

There’s a plethora of things you can use ChatGPT for in your business; copywriting, brainstorming new products, ad copy, blogs and more.

Over the past few months, I’ve done a lot of research to learn how to use ChatGPT to my advantage. So much so that I’ve even written a book about using AI for content marketing.

There are thousands of prompts you can use to enhance your business, but when I learned about ChatGPT one of the first tasks I gave it was to create email sequences for my business.

Why You Need This ChatGPT Prompt

Email lists are, by far, one of the most important things a business can have.

Think about it… all of the social media platforms you post on, you don’t own.

That means all the content on TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are borrowed spaces.

You have no control if the platform decides to ban your profile or unexpectedly has an outage (Facebook blackout, anyone?).

This is why it’s important to have an email list as a business.

An email list is essential for your business because:

  • It allows you to develop a relationship with subscribers, building trust and loyalty.
  • Not everyone is ready to buy immediately. Regular emails allow you to nurture potential clients by providing them with helpful information, gradually moving them towards a purchase.
  • Regular emails allow you to stay top-of-mind to your subscribers, making it more likely they’ll make a purchase later on down the line.

So what’s the ChatGPT prompt?

Change my business details with yours and paste this into your AI writer of choice:

“I want you to act as an email writing expert.

I will provide you that you are a consultant for my company, Studio 8 Twenty-Two, that competes in the Content marketing industry. I do shortform content marketing for personal brand businesses. Our offer creates shortform videos from longform videos and distributes them across social channels using our software Social Pop to grow their brand. Our target customer is Personal brands (coaches, podcasters, realtors, etc).

And you will create a Welcome Email Series for new customers. Please create a separate welcome email for each of the following actions we want our new customers to take. First, provide me with 10 ideas (please number each idea so I can reference it later) for a group of subject lines for the series. Use this format for the ideas: Series Idea 1 Email 1: [1st email subject line] Email 2: [2nd email subject line] etc. Here is a comma separated list of actions:”

This prompt will automatically create an email sequence for new subscribers and help grow your business through email.

Ready to dive into more ChatGPT prompts for your business?

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