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How I Made the Switch From Nursing to Web Design

Before becoming a Showit website designer, I was a nurse practitioner (I actually am still licensed, but rarely work in the clinic anymore) in a busy occupational health clinic. 

I’ve been a nurse for 19 years, so it’s kinda hard to say I’m not a nurse anymore even though I still have a nursing education business. 

Before the pandemic hit, I was already considering other occupations; data analyst and project manager to be specific. After I was furloughed earlier this year, I explored work options for those careers, and while I was excited about something new, I realized that I didn’t want to continue to be an employee, even if I was working remotely. 

I took a project management course that allowed for working on your own and during that course, I was introduced to sales page design by one of the guest speakers. After designing my first sales page, I was hooked! 

The creative aspect was what I was missing in my career as a nurse practitioner and I didn’t realize that I was holding my creativity back being in a role that didn’t bring me joy. 

I’m not completely new to web design though. I’ve been designing and re-designing my nursing business website (www.renursingedu.com) for 7 years now on the Wix platform. Although I was good at it, I never considered web design for the Wix platform due to the lack of functionality and design capabilities as I came to learn over the years. 

When I was introduced to the Showit when building sales pages, I was blown away with what I could do with the platform design-wise as compared to Wix. Showit was the platform I could design websites on for others with confidence in the finished product, unfortunately, I couldn’t say the same for Wix. Since I have been designing on Wix, the transition to Showit wasn’t hard at all and I feel the platform is something I can be proud to design on for others. 

As for now, my nursing business site is still on Wix simply because it has a ton of pages and I wouldn’t be able to easily transfer my blog of 7 years. I may make the transition later on, but it’s not a priority for me now since it works for what I need. 

After I decided I wanted to focus on design, I consumed everything I could related to the web design business including reading blogs, books, joining design groups, and listening to podcasts. 

It took me a while to figure out my services (which evolved from just sales pages to full-website design), my niche, and how I wanted to set up my business, but I finally figured it out. After going through all of this, I wondered how much time I could have saved if there was a course to help someone coming from another industry into website design. I estimated it would shave off at least 2 months of my prep time and think it would be valuable for those wanting to transition into this type of business. 

Because of my experience moving from nursing to web design, I’ve decided to create a course for those wanting to do the same thing, The Digital Escape is a course for people wanting to escape their 9-5 and start a web design business. The course is divided into two sections; business and design and includes 10 modules. It’s self-paced and requires no prior design background (I’m a former nurse practitioner, remember?), but the willingness to learn the basics. 

I’ll be beta testing the course in the spring of 2021 and you can be one of the first to enroll for the introductory pricing (not determined yet, but will be reasonable for career changers!) for the first 25 students. After the beta testing period, the price will go up significantly. In order to get on the waitlist to hear when The Digital Escape drops, sign up here. 

I’ll be keeping everyone updated on the progress of the course here on the blog in the meantime. 

Hope to see you on the waitlist! 

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