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Anatomy of A Killer Sales Page: 10 Elements You Must Have

Anatomy of a Killer Sales Page: 10 Elements you Must Include

There are critical elements that are needed to create a sales page that converts your visitors into customers. Design is important, but just as important are the elements that turn a bunch of organized copy into a journey for your visitors. I’ll be diving into the 10 most important elements to include in your next sales page. 

  1. An Attention-Getting Headline: In your hero section, include a strong headline with a descriptive subtitle to hook your readers. 
  2. A Compelling Story: You’ve got to speak to your ideal customer’s pain points, fears, frustrations, and desires. Just talking about your course and what it has to offer won’t cut it. 
  3. High-quality images: Make it authentic and include high-quality images of you (no selfies, here!) and professional product mock-ups. Try to stay away from stock photos, as most people know they are stock photos and may not take you seriously or may feel like you’re inauthentic. If you have any videos of your product, include those! Videos are very powerful marketing tools. 
  4. Call-to-action (CTA) Buttons: Your CTA buttons link directly to payments for your course. Make sure you include CTA buttons at the beginning, middle, and end of your sales page and that they stand out from the overall design (with a color that pops!). The copy on the CTA button should be worded in first person e.g. “I want this course!” “I’m ready to enroll now!” Research has shown that using first person in your CTA copy increases click-through rates by 90%. 
  5. Instructor Bio: Make sure you include information on why you’re qualified to teach the course you’re selling. Highlight your experience, education, press and/or accolades to establish your credibility. 
  6. Course Description: Talk about your course in this section and what’s included within the modules. Make sure your students will understand what they will learn and accomplish after taking your course. This is a great section to include sample videos of course content. 
  7. Testimonials: Testimonials provide social proof for credibility. Others are more likely to buy when they see others have achieved the results you promised. 90% of customers admit their buying decisions are influenced by customer reviews. 
  8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):  People considering your course probably have a lot of questions, especially if it’s a high-end offer. Allay any trepidations they may have about purchasing your course by including a FAQ section on your sales page. 
  9. Money-Back Guarantee: The investment required for your course may make potential buyers hesitate if they get in the course and find out the course isn’t for them. Consider including a money-back guarantee. Another option to make the purchase easier for customers is to include a payment plan.
  10. P.S.: A good majority of people visiting your sales page are skimmers vs readers. At the end of your sales page, it’s a good idea to include a “P.S.” section that includes a brief overview of your offer just in case the message was missed due to skimming. 

Bonus: Legal: Legal documents aren’t sexy, but they’ll keep you from getting in trouble. Make sure your sales page links to your legal documents (disclaimer, privacy policy). Check out my resources page for my source for legal templates.

These are the top 10 elements that if implemented correctly will help you turn visitors into clients! Let me know what you think in the comments.

If you’re not interested in designing your own sales page, check out one of my templates that will allow you to customize it with ease! Or if that’s still too much, book me for a sales page VIP day!

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