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Branding Through Books Podcast Trailer

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You’re listening to the Branding Through Books podcast by Nachole Johnson. In this episode, you’ll learn why I created this podcast and why I think more entrepreneurs should write a book for their business. One of the reasons I started this podcast is to share more of how I think, and not just what I think about business as it relates to branding yourself with a book.

I’ve been in business for many years now and over the course of those years, I’ve made a ton of mistakes. I’ve had to make tough decisions and have had some things work for me and some things that didn’t. What remained consistent is that I stayed true to myself regardless of what others thought I should do.

If you don’t know my backstory, I’ll give you a brief overview. I’m a nurse practitioner who started out in the nursing profession over 20 years before I finally burned out of clinical work. I started my nursing business, ReNursing Edu pretty much by accident after writing my first book. Since that book was published my business grew to the point of me considering leaving my full-time job as a nurse practitioner in 2020 to pursue entrepreneurship full time. As luck would have it, I was furloughed before I built up enough courage to put in my notice. And so the adventure began.

ReNursing Edu was and still is, doing great in terms of book sales. I decided to start another business later on that year, Studio 8 Twenty-Two, as a healthcare branding agency and did well for about the first six months or so, then things started to change with the ongoing pandemic. The healthcare industry was affected by the great resignation and the people I was marketing to weren’t interested in spending money on branding and marketing if they couldn’t find employees to work.

I had to pivot and I had to do so fast since I was losing money the longer I stayed with that niche. I decided to go back to my love of books over the years. Since I’ve written my first book, I’ve written over 30 and since my first business began with a book, I decided to go with what I knew…which was books, branding, and business.

This is where my concept for my book, Write a Book, Build a Brand came from. My group coaching program Script Your Brand was also spurred by this revelation. Since I’ve honed down on my niche I’ve had several people reach out to me in regards to how to use a book to brand their business. Through this podcast, I’ll share my ups and downs, mistakes I’ve made and all the things that didn’t work, and all the things that did work from building a business from a single book.

I’m on a mission to show other entrepreneurs that building both a brand and a business from a single book is possible. In these podcast episodes, I’ll cover what’s working and what’s not as I give you a play-by-play of my business and all topics related to books, branding, and business. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram at Studio 8 Twenty-Two and subscribe to our podcast for the latest updates. Also, make sure to leave a review for the podcast while you’re at it and continue to tune in for more episodes

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