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How to Optimize YouTube Videos Using Taja AI

As one of the largest platforms on the internet, with over 14 million active channels, YouTube has become a household name. With over 2 billion active users and 500 hours of video uploaded every minute, it’s no wonder people are constantly seeking ways to improve their visibility and reach on the platform.

With the rise in AI infiltrating every aspect of our digital lives, it was only a matter before an AI tool revolutionized the platform known as YouTube.

Now, you can optimize YouTube videos with the click of a button.

The tool?

Taja AI.

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Optimize YouTube Videos

How AI Powers YouTube

Before we talk about Taja, we have to look at how YouTube’s own algorithm, powered by AI, works. The YouTube algorithm is a complex system that determines which videos are recommended to users.

AI enables YouTube to analyze vast amounts of data, such as user preferences, viewing history, and engagement levels, in order to deliver personalized video recommendations.

The algorithm takes into account various factors when deciding what videos to suggest next. This includes the type of content that the user typically watches and enjoys and their viewing patterns and interests.

It also considers other viewers’ behaviors who share similar preferences.

With its ability to learn from user interactions and adapt over time, the AI behind YouTube’s recommendation system continually refines its understanding of individual users’ tastes and helps tailor suggestions accordingly.

By monitoring click-through rates and viewing durations on recommended videos, it can assess which ones are more likely to engage viewers based on past behavior patterns.

Ultimately, this sophisticated use of artificial intelligence allows YouTube to make video recommendations that align with each user’s unique interests while keeping them engaged for longer periods.

Leveraging AI Tools for Video Optimization

We’ve all been told the importance of keyword research since YouTube is a search engine. Keyword research is vital to optimize YouTube videos to increase visibility and reach. With the help of AI tools, like Taja, this process can be streamlined and made more effective.

Unlike other tools that provide suggestions before you upload a video, Taja takes your existing videos and optimizes them with keywords, an AI-generated description, video chapters, tags, titles, and thumbnails.

Actually getting this all done is quite simple.

If you want to watch a video tutorial instead of reading, watch the video here.

Using Taja to Optimize YouTube Videos

Taja makes optimizing YouTube videos simple.

First things first, you’ll need to connect your YouTube channel, which is done with a click of a button.

Optimize YouTube Videos

Next, upload your YouTube video link, give the software a few prompts (minimal), and you’ll receive suggestions based on your channel audience history and potential virality.

Optimize YouTube Videos

Here’s an example of how little information I added to optimize a recent video:

Optimize YouTube Videos

Once you add the video link and the keyword or context of your video, you can choose the tone of your outputs.

From there, you hit the optimize button and let Taja work its magic, creating transcripts, tags, titles, virality scores, and thumbnails.

After Taja has analyzed your video, you just choose your option, or if you don’t like any of them, have Taja re-analyze.

In the example below, I chose a video title that had a Viral Score of 100.

Optimize YouTube Videos

Underneath the title suggestions, Taja will give you images of what your video will look like after 1 day based on the viral scores.

As you can see, the video views correlate with the titles underneath the thumbnails.

Taja Video Descriptions and Tags

After Taja generates your titles and thumbnail mockups, you’ll have your AI-generated description based on your video’s transcribed description. It’s pretty accurate!

All I needed to change was adding my sign-up link for the template.

Taja even added in my video disclaimer!

The next step in the video optimization process was adding relevant tags to my video.

Taja had everything covered with this extensive list for my video:

Taja AI-Generated Thumbnails

Last but not least, in the Taja experience, thumbnails are created.

Thumbnail creation is still in the beta stage at the moment, so you’ll catch a few typos that can easily be fixed with Canva.

Taja is aware of the limitations of AI creating thumbnails, so they have a tutorial on how to alter them in Canva if needed.

I didn’t choose to use any of the AI-generated thumbnails, but this is what mine looked like for this particular video.

Not bad aside from the typos, but I’m not ready to use AI-generated thumbnails, so I passed.

After this, all you need to do is hit the “Sync to YouTube” and everything is published to YouTube!

Results of Optimizing My YouTube Video with Taja

The first video I optimized with Taja absolutely blew my mind!

I hadn’t uploaded a video in nearly a month and expected my video views to be low because of that, but they weren’t.

Within the first hour of optimizing my video with Taja, the video was ranking as number 1 of my last 10 videos!

Within 48 hours, my video had received 108 views more than usual, as seen in the photo below.

If you look at the top traffic sources, you can see YouTube searches dominate the views.

I’ve never had a video take off this fast and attribute it all to Taja.

The rapid virality is attributed to the keywords that are more likely to attract viewers. Additionally, Taja analyzes your YouTube channel to figure out your audience and what they’re most interested in so you can create videos around those topics.

I’ll continue using Taja for all my upcoming videos and optimize some of my older videos since this software has proven itself much more rapidly than other tools I’ve used.

How to get Taja to Optimize Your Videos

Taja is a subscription-based tool like the other YouTube optimization contenders like TubeBuddy and VidIQ.

As someone who has used TubeBuddy for nearly a year without seeing much growth, I see much more potential in Taja.

Taja offers three plan levels depending on your creator level: Knight, Queen, and King, and even lets you try the software out for a free 7-day trial.

If you’re ready to optimize YouTube videos and take your YouTube channel to the next level, try Taja.

Next Steps

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