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Ask any Home-based Health Care business owner about the importance of a website and they’ll tell you one is absolutely necessary in their line of business. But ask them all of the important aspects to include on a website and they may come short. Knowing that you need a website and knowing exactly what to […]

Home-based Health Care Website Essentials

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As a branding agency that focuses on Home Care Provider businesses, we know what to look for when assessing brand health. Here are four ways to determine if your business could use a new brand strategy:  Brand awareness – This is how familiar your customers are with the visual or qualities your brand possess. Healthy […]

Content marketer

How to Tell if Your Business Brand Strategy Isn’t Working

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Many people wonder if branding and marketing are the same and use the terms interchangeably sometimes.  Branding and marketing are not the same, but do play on the same team so to speak. They both work to appeal to the relevant audience in order to grow your business.  It’s true that branding and marketing support […]

Are Branding And Marketing The Same?

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The new year always allows us to start off fresh whether it be a new diet, workout plan, or other resolution. While it only seems I’ve been in business a short time, the New Year brings a new name and service offerings for my business. My business name had to change from my personal name […]

Changes in the New Year

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There are critical elements that are needed to create a sales page that converts your visitors into customers. Design is important, but just as important are the elements that turn a bunch of organized copy into a journey for your visitors. I’ll be diving into the 10 most important elements to include in your next […]

Anatomy of A Killer Sales Page: 10 Elements You Must Have

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Whether you’re having someone design your site for you or you’re doing it yourself, here are 8 critical aspects to check before your site launch date.

8 Critical Things to Check Before A Website Launch