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Why You Need to Conduct a Brand Audit

Businesses undergo changes all the time.

Last year showed us that businesses had to be adaptable to survive the effects of circumstances out of our control such as the pandemic. If your business had to pivot recently, it may be time for a brand audit.

Brand audits are beneficial to businesses when the decision has been made to refresh, restart or reinvent the business to market more effectively. The findings of a brand audit provide a foundation to start from.

Once you have the foundation in place, know who your audience is and where to connect with them, you have valuable insight on what’s out of sync, what opportunities you have for increasing visibility and what actions are needed to move the business and brand forward.

5 Steps to an Effective Brand Audit

Step 1: Review all current communication tools.

All customer touchpoints need to be reviewed, from websites, to brochures, business cards, ads, newsletters, emails and campaigns. At this point, you need to take an objective look.

Is your brand consistent?

Not just what people initially think of a brand (logo and colors), but the whole enchilada.

Do all of the communication touchpoints look like they came from the same organization? Is your copy easy to read and consistent in tone of voice? Do you have a clear call to action?

Step 2: Define and describe your audience persona.

Most businesses have more than one audience that uses their services or buys their products. It’s important to determine which audience group has the most impact on your business.

What you need to know about your audience:

  • Who are they?
  • What do they expect from your business?
  • What aspect of your product, service, or business resonates with them?
  • Who do you need to connect with to make a sale?
  • Who influences a purchase or is part of the decision-making process?

When you know your audience inside and out, you’ll realize opportunities for reinforcing your value and strengthening your brand.

Step 3: What is your unique selling proposition (USP)?

Your business may sell the same products or offer the same services as others, but what makes you special?

  • Why should someone choose your business, product or service?
  • What are the benefits your business, product or service offers to your audience?
  • What feedback do clients say about your offerings?
  • What’s your “Wow!”?

Step 4: Where do you connect with your target audiences?

Think back to the touchpoints we spoke about earlier. These contact points such as letterheads, websites, guest speaking and networking events are potential ways you connect with your target audience.

Any place your name is presented that a potential client will see is important to your brand.

Step 5: Where are you getting the most new business?

Where are you generating new leads from? By focusing on these areas, you’ll likely see a quick return, but there are always more opportunities for generating new leads that you may have not thought of before.

A strategic brand audit can help your business if you’re feeling stuck and unsure of your current marketing efforts. If you’re ready to refresh and revitalize your business, start with a brand audit from Studio 8 Twenty-Two. You’ll receive valuable inside and find new ways of marketing your business.

Call us at 713-257-8822 to discuss your goals and schedule your brand audit.

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